The alternate that performs longer, better and faster than ∞ full time equivalents.

Provide instant live chat support, knowledge and answers to your website's visitors and customers 24/7/365 at less than the cost of a single FTE.

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Why use Altman Army?

Save Money

Altman Army provides instant-response support coverage at a fraction of the cost of a human agent. Improve your EBITDA.

Better Customer Experience

Provide the best, and consistent, customer support experience to your customers and visitors. Modern technology in the BCE.


Altman Army agents know the most popular languages. Don't lose a lead because your agent only speaks English!

Simplifies Business

This is just a line item in your accounts payable versus payroll and all that is associated with labor laws.

24/7 Availability

Altman Army is powered by AI which does not need to take a break.

Easy to Use

Drag, drop and provide chat support. Now you can compete with the big guys!

How to use Altman Army

The nightmares of managing a customer service fleet are in the past. No more delayed responses, no more emotions, no more macro roulette. After doing business in a customer-facing industry for over 10 years and understanding the pain, personally, I wanted to build the simplest, no BS customer service platform that I would want to have. No data mining, no fluff and pointless features - just straight customer service for your website visitors and users.

Introducing the simplest AI powered customer service bot in the world - Altman Army.

Andrew Lee
Founder of Altman Army

Save money and provide an enhanced support experience to your visitors.

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Altman Army is your AI-powered customer support chatbot.